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Our Team


Director Of Operations

The Giraffe 360 is like our very own personal assistant! Providing wide images as well as 360 photographs, digital floorplans and virtual walk through tours – she is the perfect device to enhance any property or project listing.


Director of Photography

The Canon 6D Mark II joined our team 3 years ago as the small camera with the big heart! Perfect for capturing the beauty in a space and project and offering precise and sharp images. The Kanon is the ideal companion for all property photography.


Director of Aerial Photo & Video

Our Mavik Pro 2 drone is the latest member of our team. Providing the latest 4k technology to shoot the best videos and images from the sky! Most popular with big projects and buildings due it the definition and quality that it provides.


Director of Support Services

Our mini drone may be the smallest of the team but it sure does pack in a lot of power. Resisting 32kph winds and able to fly up to 4,000 feat this small but mighty member is the perfect companion for your videography needs. With 4k technology, you can view the top of a building as if you were looking right at it!